Nicolas Renou
Senior Product Designer


Lead designer - 2017

Rhythm is a simple way to start buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Rhythm project app dashboard
Lead Product Designer
product Team
2 designers
Project type
Beta version (MVP)
Scope of work
Design and prototyping
7 days

Context and challenge

The world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is obscure to most people because of its steep learning curve. Individual investors, who are not tech-savvy, are missing out on this new market due to its complexity. This project was initiated by an investment firm.

Discovery and scope of work

After the project brief, we spent time defining the project in more detail: who is the user, what features should be included, what are the technical constraints, etc. This pre-project phase should answer as many questions as possible and align expectations between stakeholders.

Some of the main features were:
- a dashboard to see all cryptocurrency assets
- an ability to exchange between different assets
- a chat
- a detailed on-boarding process

Defining the architecture

Following the discovery phase, the architecture of the app was defined and presented to the client. It was a good intermediate step to confirm the direction and served as a foundation for the prototyping phase.

Rhythm app architecture

A low-fidelity prototype to get started

The low-fidelity prototype is the first visualization of the app. It is not meant to be perfect, however, it prompts further discussions and iterations. In order to make cryptocurrency more approachable, we built a detailed onboarding sequence alongside a dashboard that is easy to understand.

At this stage, I made sure to design the different states and micro-interactions that would not appear in the high level architecture, such as empty states, errors and confirmations.

High-fidelity prototype and final design

The main dashboard is arguably the most important screen. It provides users with a summary of their holdings with a trend line for each. We moved away from complexity to only display the essential information for a minimal look.

App dashboard

The on-boarding process is also a key part of the application to guide new users after signing up.

For technical reasons, this initial version required an existing “wallet” called MetaMask where users transfer tokens to their account. It was planned that the support team at Rhythm would help with this transition.

Another important functionality of the app is the ability for Rhythm’s Financial Advisors to recommend transactions that they deem profitable. Here, users are notified, and they can choose whether they would like to make that transaction or not.

Rhythm cryptocurrency wallet

The main actions of the app are to be quick and simple and easily translated to a mobile context. Users can effortlessly check their portfolio value or accept new transactions. These actions can be done in a couple clicks and are well suited for mobile use.

Rhythm cryptocurrency wallet

Developer hand-off

The project was delivered in the form of an Invision prototype that included all the styles, as well as a complimentary light style guide and all exported assets.

Rhythm app style guide

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